Nerd Latex Mask

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A Cartoon Stylized Nerd Mask You can try to dress yourself up like a nerd in prop glasses and other fake costume prosthetics, but chances are you will just end up feeling uncomfortable all night long. Not to mention, you will still just look like you in the mirror and to your friends. If you want to really make a “Nerdly” statement, then this cartoon stylized latex mask might be just the thing. It has overstated features and allows you to slip into or out of it at a moment’s notice. Not to mention it’s a lot more comfortable than wearing cheap prop glasses and a false-braces mouthpiece. A Latex Nerd Mask That’s Comfortable To Wear One of the truly nice things about this Nerd mask is that it’s made from very comfortable non-toxic latex. This gives it a soft interior feeling that won’t rub your skin raw when worn for hours at a time. Yet it also is rigid enough to hold the facial features as intended. As an added bonus this mask is much easier to see out of and breathe through than most.


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