Mombo the Evil Clown Mask

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An Exaggerated Clown Punk Mask There are a lot of different takes on the classic “Evil Clown” look. This Mombo the Clown mask by Ghoulish productions gives it a little bit of a punk look with a vibrant green mohawk. Then exaggerates the features like the mouth to really help the entire mask stand out. A Carefully Crafted Latex Mask This Mombo the Clown mask made by Ghoulish productions is painstakingly molded from high quality latex, to give it an other worldly texture. It also features a stunning paint job to really make the mask pop. At the same time, this one-size-fits-most evil clown mask is also very comfortable to wear, which is great for times when you want to spend all night at a cosplay event or a costume party.


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