Moana’s Heart of Te Fiti Necklace

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The Heart Of Te Fiti In the movie, Moana and Maui face seemingly insurmountable odds as they try to return the Heart Of Te Fiti. Along the way evil forces conspire to take the Heart for themselves. Though when it isn’t being kept inside the chicken Hei Hei Moana keeps the heart inside a special necklace given to her by her grandma. If your daughter wants to go as Moana for Halloween, or she just wants to dress up as her for make-believe then this Heart of Te Fiti necklace is an absolute must-have item to complete the costume. The crest even opens to reveal more details inside, just like in the movie. An Officially Licensed Heart Of Te Fiti Necklace This Heart of Te Fiti necklace is a nearly perfect replica of the necklace Moana wore in the movie. It includes fake beads that are seamlessly bound together as well as an ornate medallion that ties it all together front and center. It’s officially licensed and makes the perfect prop to complete any Moana costume.


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