Metal Venetian Masks BLK – Laser-cut Mask Black

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A Venetian Take On Black That’s Not Basic Basic Black is one of those fashion terms that almost gives you the impression that anything black is inherently plain. Though this Metal Venetian Masks BLK – Laser-cut Mask Black takes that notion and spins it on it’s ear with details that replicate delicate, ornate lace. This is thanks in large part to 21st Century laser cutting technology, which can replicate lace with the press of a button and a whole lot of state-of-the-art technology. Cutting Edge Technology For An Elegant Eye Mask Venetian eye masks have been around for centuries. Though they enjoyed a vigorous face lift when 21st Century technology made it possible to create them from metal for the first time. The cutting-edge software that created this mask may have just been following the outlines programmed into it by an designer, but it creates something for all the world to enjoy.


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