Mega Vampire Mask with Chestpiece

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A Large Vampire Mask That Includes The Head & Chest Vampiric cosplayers and fans of undead LARPing are often vexed by vampire masks that cover the face and nothing else. This leaves you trying to choose whether you want to wear a costume with a high collar, which speaks more to a gentleman’s vampire than a savage beast of the night, or choosing to paint your neck with cosmetics. If you’ve ever tried your hand at special effects makeup, you know just how challenging it can be. Not to mention having to walk around all night with a greasy-feeling neck and chest. This Mega Vampire mask ensemble from Ghoulish Productions solves this by giving you not just the neck and the upper shoulders of a beastly undead creature, but also the upper chest. It let’s you match the costume clothing seamlessly to the latex flesh as you see fit, without any seams or greasy, off-tone makeup. A Latex Vampire Mask That Is Truly Comfortable To Wear This is a very large vampire mask complete with neck, upper shoulders and chest that plays to certain movie genres with a beast-like vampiric antagonist. So, if you are going to make the investment in a mask this large, then you don’t want it antagonizing you when you wear it. As an industry leader in costumes, props, and movie-quality masks Ghoulish Productions made every effort to make this large latex Mega Vampire mask as comfortable as possible. It’s the perfect option for an all day or all night cosplay event.


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