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A New Take On Frankenstein With Metallic Jaw When Mary Shelley originally penned Frankenstein she had no clue that it would become a horror icon for centuries to come. Over the decades there have been a lot of creative takes on this cobbled-together beast. This particular version takes Frankenstein and casts him in hyper-realistic, gruesome detail. The high-quality costume-grade latex used to make the mask allows for a superior level of fine detail. You can see the stitches and staples, as well as other facial features vividly. One other way this Mega Franky stands out is that they have replaced the lower jaw with something that looks like metal mandibles. It’s a gruesome horror twist on its own, though it could just as easily be repurposed for a steampunk cosplay event. A Latex Frankenstein Mask With Neck & Upperbody Coverage This hyper-realistic Frankenstein mask offers full neck coverage and even covers the best below the super sternal notch. It’s easy to put on and spares you from having to mess around with greasy cosmetics and special effects prosthetics in hopes of getting your neck, chest, and trapezius area to all match the look of the mask itself. This Mega Franky mask is made from high-quality non-toxic latex. Not only does it allow for a superior amount of detail, but it is also very easy to get in and out of.


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