Medieval Princess Childs Costume

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The Perfect Fit For A True Little Lady What little girl doesn’t dream of becoming a princess? Though not every girl wants to dress up in fluffy pink with shedding glitter and a plastic tiara. If this sounds like the little lady in your house, or you need a true costume for a school play, then this youth size Medival Princess costume might just be a dream come true. A High-Quality Princess Costume This Medieval Princess costume is truly stylish and looks like it stepped gracefully out of the Middle Ages. It is a darling shade of crimson with yellow-golden accents and puffy shoulders. The gown is full length, but roomy enough that it is easy to walk in. It is made from high-quality polyester which you can gently wash by hand any time it needs a little refreshing. It includes the dress and headpiece. You can get this Medieval Princess costume in youth sizes small, medium and large.


Small, Medium, Large

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