Meat Lover Gory Mouth Rubber Latex Prosthetic

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A Fresh Zombie Facial Prosthetic Fans of zombie shows and movies will tell you that not every freshly turned walker looks like it’s been sitting at the bottom of a bog rotting for a century and a half. If your costume concept calls for looking like a zombie who was recently a person turned by some insidious virus, and enjoyed a fresh meal or two, then you need to check out this prosthetic mask made by Ghoulish Productions. A Prosthetic Half-Facial Mask Of A Zombie Mouth This is a prosthetic mouth and nose made from latex, but the costume masters at Ghoulish Productions. It looks like the lower face of a person who has recently embraced the undead, and has feasted on living flesh for the first time. You can apply it directly to your skin with most costume-grade latex adhesives. The edges can also be blended with quality cosmetics to create a seamless look with the rest of your face.


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