Malevolent Demon Horns

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Pit Fiends, Imps & Demons, Oh My! Iconic tales like Dante’s Inferno and modern day role playing games like Dungeons & Dragons introduce us to a veritable creative spectrum of what evil can look like in Hell or the Abyss. Many of these denizens of the evil planes of existence have twisted, menacing horns like you see with these Malevolent Horns. Malevolent Horns For Many Occasions Sure, these Malevolent Horns will surly stand out at a fantasy con or a role playing event. Though they are just as at home in a darkly themed Halloween haunted house. Best of all, they are easy to incorporate into a wide range of costumes, as well as being lightweight enough to wear for hours on end. They have the tines and texture of a ram’s horns with the tall spikes of a sinister springbok.


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