Makeup Styled Skull Latex Mask

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A White Makeup Skull In White Latex There are a lot of different cultures and occasions around the world that employ a white skull face as part of their traditions. Though painting the face white with cream-based makeup can often leave you feeling greasy and worrying about smudges. Especially if you have to walk around in the warm sun. For times like this, and other costume occasions, you can fall back on this white skull mask. A White Skull Mask For A Classic Skeleton Costume The classic skeleton costume is a mainstay of the Halloween tradition. Though even if you happen to find a black and white bone costume that you like, painting your face with thick white pancake makeup can be uncomfortable. Especially if you need to wear it for hours on end, or you want to do a little dancing at a costume party. In a situation like this, you can turn to this white skull mask made by Ghoulish Productions. It uses comfortable molded latex that’s flexible and makes it easy to breathe. The eye holes are particularly wide, to give you superior peripheral vision compared to a lot of other skull masks.


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