Mad Goblin Leprechaun Mask

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A Stunningly Realistic Looking Goblin Or Leprechaun Mask Goblins and leprechauns are the stuff of legend. Diminutive creatures with shades of green skin and deceptive guise, they are no doubt a popular theme for a lot of costume parties, Halloween costumes, and cosplay events. This particular Goblin/leprechaun mask from Ghoulish Productions is made from high-quality latex and infused with stunningly real surface detail. The ears are pointed and elongated, the furrows of the face are deep and pronounced. Though what really gets you is the mischievous grin that belies of something far more sinister. A Goblin Mask With Hat & Synthetic Hair The costume, prop and mask-making experts at Ghoulish Productions know that the face of a mask itself is only one part of the equation. To that point, they made sure to design this Goblin & Leprechaun mask with a fabric had, as well as synthetic hair and sideburns to truly complete the look. For what it’s worth, the eye holes are just the right size to keep from robbing too much of your peripheral vision, and you can breathe fairly easily in and out to help prevent condensation from building up inside from your breath.


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