M3A1 Steampunk Mask

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A Highly Detailed Steampunk Gas Mask Steampunk is a highly popular costume theme in cosplay events and even LARPing. Of course, you want to most realistic costume possible, which is why you should give a good, hard look at this richly detailed steampunk gas mask. It’s made from high-quality, costume-grade latex by designers who know hot to render hyper-realistic detail in every square inch. A Latex Steam Punk Gas Mask That’s Easy To Wear This non-toxic latex steampunk gas mask was designed to be comfortable to wear for hours on end. To that point, it’s easy to see out of the mesh view ports. It’s also relatively easy to breath through, without steaming up the interior. It’s the perfect option for LARPing and long cosplay events or costume concepts. Though it should go without saying that this does not count as a being compliant with any real world mask mandates!


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