Leatherlook Eradicate Mask

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Ed Gein’s Grin There are many people who believe that the inspiration for the Texas Chainsaw Massacre movie came from the real life serial killer Ed Gein. He was a murder, a grave robber and an outright madman who made clothing, masks and lifestyle accessories out of human flesh. Some even say he had a horrific mask stitched together from real human skin. You see some hints at this replicated in this Leatherlook Eradicate Mask. A Comfortable Mask With A Disturbing Touch Of Madness This Leatherlook Eradicate Mask looks like it has been stitched together from real human flesh and body parts. Though in truth it is made from a special type of high-quality latex that just replicates natural flesh that has been through some rudimentary tanning processes. It is perfect for costume parties, cosplay, horror movie watch parties or just plain scarring the pants off of people at a Halloween Haunted House.


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