Leatherlike Studded Slaughter Shoulder Armour

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Ready For The Arena Today we think of pit fighting and combat in the Arena or Coliseum as being “Bloodsport.” Though to the people of ancient Rome and the cultures of that era, it was as popular as soccer or football. The gladiators who stepped into those rings all those centuries ago tended to have various kit. Though most preferred light armor that helped them protect their arms and shoulders, which is what you see replicated with this Leatherlike Studded Slaughter Shoulder Armour. The Right Accessories For Your Medieval Costume Renaissance festivals, medieval fairs, and LARPing events represent the perfect excuse to get dressed up as a character from ancient times. Of course, if you are going to go, then you better go all out with all the right accessories, like this Leatherlike Studded Slaughter Shoulder Armour. It might look like real studded leather, but it is actually made from a special type of polyester-material to create faux leather. No animals were harmed in its creation and it is one-size-fits-most adults.


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