Leatherlike Shoulder Armor

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Beware Blades When many people think of medieval warriors, their mind conjures up images of knights wearing giant suits of cumbersome plate mail or heavy, pinching chainmail. Though in truth these are garbs that were more for the later middle ages when armor was needed to protect against powerful projectiles. Most combatants before the year 1400 wore light leather armors like studded leather, scalemail and brigandine, with the occasional breast plate thrown in for good measure. This Leatherlike Shoulder Armor is reminiscent of that period and is a perfect component to add to an awesome custom medieval suit of armor. Get Ready For The Renaissance Festival Modern day renaissance festivals and medieval fairs represent one of the best opportunities to dress up like a warrior from the olden days of lore. This is what this Leatherlike Shoulder Armor was originally designed for. Though it could also pull double duty for someone who love to attend LARPing events. The scales of armor are made from a polyester material that looks like real leather, without having to actually use animal products. It is secured via straps across the chest, and can be easily combines with faux breast plate or other types of chest armor. It is one size fits most for adults.


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