Leather Strap Mohawk with 3’’ Spikes

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Leather Strap Mohawk With 3’’ Spikes Let’s be honest, this Leather Strap Mohawk with 3-inch long chrome spikes probably isn’t going to be something you wear to your next job interview. Though it might be just the thing to get you noticed at the next rave, cosplay event or evening of roleplaying. The spikes truly stand out a full three inches and gleam in a way that catches the light. Yet they still contrast against the black staps that anchor it over the head as well as the chin straps. A Leather Strap Spiked Mohawk With Chin Straps One of the biggest challenges with a costume piece like this is keeping it in place while you move around. It’s one thing to just stand out in the crowd like a statue. But if you want to get around and truly get seen, or even just get out on the club floor, you don’t want to be wrestling with a headpiece that moves around awkwardly. Funk Plus thought this through while they were designing this Leather Strap Mohawk with 3’-inch spikes. They even went so far as to integrate a chin strap with heavy-duty O-rings built into the sides. This lets you comfortable lock the spiked mohawk in place, and even adds to the overall look.


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