Leather Clown Choker

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A Unique Ruffled Leather Choker Leather chokers have come under fire from a few people who claim that they aren’t all that creative and can even be perhaps a little outdated. So, Funk Plus took the extra time to start coming up with a few unique chokers with new looks and versatile uses like this ruffled leather “Clown” choker. The ruffled loops of leather look vaguely reminiscent of clown neckbands from the olden days of circuses and pancake makeup. Though it’s clear that these ruffled leather straps are far from something comical. The ruffled “Loops” are riveted in place which gives them the durability to hang lightweight accessories and pendants from. This can be quite a blank, yet black leather, canvas for you to add your own uniquely creative costume twists. Three-Quarter-Inch Loops On A Leather Choker This leather choker has ruffled leather straps that measure in at three-quarters of an inch. This gives them the ability to support other attachments and accessories like a leash, a pendant, or even other pieces of jewelry. The rivets and leather are strong enough to hold a reasonable amount of weight before they become uncomfortably dragged down.


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