Leather Choker with 2 Rings

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An Elegant Leather Choker With Dual O-Rings Leather choker collars can make a variety of statements, which is impressive when you consider how simple, yet powerful they truly are. This particular leather choker is narrow, which gives it a certain elegance that contrasts nicely with the underlying skin of the neck. It takes this unique look a step further by include dual O-rings. One larger with a smaller one inset to give this narrow black choker a truly elegant feeling. Dual Purpose Dual O-Rings On A Black Leather Choker This leather choker with it’s inset dual O-Rings is arguably a little more versatile than most. The dual O-rings mean you can attach a pendant of your choice to give the collar more of a “Necklace” look. Yet there’s still a larger functional O-Ring that can take a pull or two on a gentle leash to add to a bondage or cosplay look.


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