Leather Chain Bracelet with Scorpion

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Sting The Ring If you talk to a costume designer or experience cosplayer, they will tell you that it is usually the smallest accessories that have the biggest impact on your look. Especially if you need to stand out from the crowd or show up boldly on stage. That’s where a truly unique Leather chain bracelet with scorpion like this one comes perfectly into play. If you want to get seen, then this cuff is going to be off the chain. It’s also convenient that the leather ring band attached to the chain tail is broad enough to stay on just about any of your four primary fingers. A Comfortable Cuff That Shimmers Beyond the fact that this Leather chain bracelet with scorpion cuff was designed to be comfortable. The scorpion and chain are also chromed to truly show up and show out. They catch the light enough to get noticed, without being so bold as to take away from the rest of your look. It’s a great way to add to your look on a rockin’ night out.


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