Large Leather Door Knocker Choker w 2 1/2″ Ring

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A Choker With A Single Large Ring There are times when you want a choker with a central ring to suggest a little bondage play that might be on the menu, but not really intended. Then there is a choker like this one with a bold central ring that makes everyone in the room sit up and take notice. Yet it’s also not overdone with gleaming chrome and other accents that make too much noise. Instead, the modest finish speaks to a confident ownership of your look, without having to suggest anything else just to get noticed. A Door Knocker Ring With Strong Fasteners Everything about this choker speaks boldly. Right off the dual rivet fasteners holding the door knocker ring in place are secure and pass clean through the leather of the choker. Then at the back, the closure is the kind that twists shut and suggests you can’t necessarily take it off all on your own. Even though you can with deft fingers.


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