Krampy the Evil Clown Mask

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A Hauntingly Evil Clown Mask With Stapled Latex Flesh This Evil Clown mask named Krampy the Clown is freakishly detailed. It depicts a classic clown face that’s turned distinctively evil. The furrows in the facial expression are only possible thanks to the high-quality costume-grade latex used to render it. Though if you look closer at the edges of the face, you will also notice that the facial flesh itself has been securely stapled onto the rest of the head. This seems to suggest that something even more sinister lies within. A Comfortable Evil Clown Mask Made From High-Quality Latex The high-quality non-toxic latex used in this evil Krampy the Clown mask not only makes for superior detail and surface texture, but it also has the pliability to be evil to put on and take off. The mask designers made every effort to make this evil clown mask easy to see out of, with only minimal impairment to the wearer’s peripheral vision. There’s also partial neck coverage, which spares you having your own natural neck skin spoiling the evil clown look.


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