KBW Detailed Goat Mask

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Who’s The GOAT? In sports the term GOAT stands for Greatest Of All Time. Though in mythology Goats tend to be arcane creatures of mystery. Unlike their cousins the sheep, they resisted early attempts at full domestication and were only tempted out of the hills and forests with the promise of companioned life. Even then they have still been animals of mischief with hauntingly alien eyes. This has helped transform them into darker motifs, which you see represented in this KBW Goat Mask. A Goat Mask With A Full Curl Goats horns continue to grow throughout their lives. With males the height of their power and experience tends to come when they are classified as being a “Full Curl” ram. Which is what you see with this KBW Goat Mask and then some. It speaks of a beast that has lived a nearly immortal life building in power and ready to be unleashed upon the world. This mask was also designed to be easy to see out of, which is great for stage performances and costume parties where you want to put your prominence on display with grace.


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