Jumbo Quarter Coin

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A Jumbo Quarter For Bringing Coin Magic Clearly To The Crowd Coin magic is a popular jumping off point for a lot of novice magicians. It also tends to play well with small crowds and walk up performances, street performances and small crowds. The problem is that coin magic tends to be hard for spectators to see when you scale up to larger crowds or performing in front of a potentially dimly lit room.Rather than letting go of your favorite coin magic tricks when you play to a larger crowd, you might want to consider investing in this jumbo quarter. The crowd will be able to view it easier than a standard quarter and comes at a cost that won’t put a big dent in your performance budget! A Jumbo Coin That Is Still Comfortable In Your Hand When you scale up to this larger coin, your sleight of hand skills might be challenged at first. Though you will find that it takes minimal practice to adapt to the larger size. Once you’ve practiced it to perfection this jumbo quarter lets you take a lot of your favorite coin magic gimmicks to a larger crowd.


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