Jumbo Clip On Orange Squirting Flower

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A Classic Gag In One Kit The classic squirting flower is one of those comedic japes that has managed to keep itself alive and fresh for decades. To use it, the performer, who is usually a clown in flamboyant garb, invites someone to smell the curious flower on their lapel. When the unassuming victim gets too close, the performer squeezes a bulb, and water squirts out into the person’s face. A Squirting Flower That’s Easy To Clean & Care For This squirting flower gag was designed to be easy to clean and care for. When you are done using it, the entire apparatus drains easily. You can then blow out the tube to remove any traces of water. This will keep the delicate plumbing of the squirting flower from gumming up with mildew over time. Then store in a cool dry place.


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