Infected Person Horror Mask

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A Vein Riddled Mask Of A Severely Infected Person Many a horror genre touches on the concept of severe infection and its horrific impact on the human body. This shows through in shocking detail with this “Infected” mask. The facial flesh itself is stark white belying an individual whose blood is running cold. Yet the few existing blood vessels clinging to life are bright red and pink speaking of the severe inflammation. The facial expression is one of a person drawn mad with the pain of imminent death. A Comfortable Latex Mask Of An Infected Person The facial expressions and vascularity of this Infected mask speak of a person in severe discomfort as the pangs of death throes will soon be upon them. Though once you put this mask on you will find this is far from the truth. In fact, the special non-toxic latex this mask is made from is remarkably comfortable when worn. Every effort was made to design this mask to be easy to look out of and breathe through. It even has good neck coverage to meet the neckline of your costume without having to apply makeup to your neck. It’s perfect for your next cosplay event, costume party or Halloween night.


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