Husky Dog Mask

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An Exaggerated Husky Face Mask The beloved husky is a dog breed prized by northern mushers who need a powerful, loyal beast to pull a dog sled as well as families who want a cute pet. They are found throughout many cultures and are known for their ice-blue eyes as well as the vibrant contrast of their fur. This particular Huksy mask does a great job of capturing the look and expression of one of these beloved dogs. It’s complete with piercing blue eyes and even a panting tongue. A Latex Husky Mask That Is Comfortable To Wear This Husky mask is made from high-quality non-toxic latex. This makes it comfortable to wear for hours at a time, which is exactly the sort of thing that appeals to cosplayers and people who want a mask that they can wear to an all-night costume party. If this sounds like you, then you need to put this Husky mask in your cart.


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