Horror Fields Horrific Scarecrow Faux Burlap Mask

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A Horrific Scarecrow Mask Scarecrows a common horror theme of old that has been trapped in our cultural consciousness for decades. This Horror Field’s evil scarecrow mask, speaks of a possessed scarecrow with a demonic or perhaps undead edge. The eyes are sunken black and the burlap head is tightly tied, yet looks as if it is stuffed with a being far more sinister residing within the fell-animate fake burlap. A High-Quality Latex Mask That Looks Like Real Burlap The costume-grade, non-toxic latex used in this Horror Fields mask is rendered in high detail to look very much like real burlap and twine. Yet it’s far more comfortable than the real thing. The eye ports are easy to look out of and you can breathe through it relatively easily considering the characteristics of the evil scarecrows face. Something else to like about this Horror Field’s latex mask is the neck coverage. The head itself is oversized and the tie for the replicated burlap sack covers down to the neck line and super sternal notch. It can be set to seamlessly meet the fabric of your costume without having to worry about greasy staining cosmetics on your neck.


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