Hocus Pocus Witch Child Costume

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A Fun Witch Without The Bubbling Cauldron The Hollywood Movie Hocus Pocus debuted in the early 1990s and inspired people to think of witches as being more fun, and less about grouchy old women with boiling cauldrons full of newt eyes. Girls who grew up with the movie went on to become mothers who shared the fun with their little ladies. The net result is an army of little girls with high demands for a fun witch costume like this Hocus Pocus ensemble. A Fun Costume For All Occasions While “Witch” tends to be one of the most high-demand of all Halloween costumes, this Hocus Pocus ensemble was designed to be good for more than just one fun night of trick or treating. The high-quality polyester it is made from is easy to clean and maintain. This makes it great for make-believe play and fun dress up days. You can easily refresh it with some gentle hand-washing to get it ready to hit the streets on October 31st!




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