Harvest Scarecrow Dreas Womans Adult Costume

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It’s Time For The Harvest As the name implies “Scarecrows” were originally invented to help keep crows and other pillaging birds from pecking away at a family farmer’s crops. They were usually made from old mens clothes that either didn’t fit or finally managed to rip in a place that left nothing to the imagination. Since they were commonly left out in the fields in the fall while the dent corn was drying, it made Scarecrows synonymous with Halloween. Though this particular Harvest Scarecrow costume takes the idea of old clothes stuffed with straw and reinvents it as something much more sexy. Don’t Pick The Corn Just Yet This Harvest Scarecrow costume isn’t made from straw and old men’s clothes. Instead, it is professionally produced from high-quality polyester and other materials that are usually reserved for movie set costume departments. It comes with a shredded burlap-printed collar that has been specially softened. It also includes a brown plaid off-the-shoulder dress that has long Brown sleeves and rope, burlap-printed fringe, patches, and jagged hem details.


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