Harry Potter Deluxe Death Eater Adult Costume

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Come On Baby… Beware The Death Eater The Death Eaters are a gang of evil wizards who serve Lord Voldemort and their own sinister designs in the Harry Potter movies. While they do meet their untimely demise the in the end, they serve as the ultimate evil henchmen throughout much of the story arc. So, it only makes sense that so many people show up disguised as death eaters at cosplay events and costume parties around the world. If this is something that you’ve dreamed of, then this deluxe Death Eater costume might be a dream, or perhaps a nightmare come true. A Truly Deluxe Death Eater Costume This Deluxe Death Eater costume is officially licensed, which is a hallmark sign of material quality and superior craftsmanship. It will have you looking just like you slithered off the screen of a Harry Potter movie and onto the floor of your next cosplay event. It comes complete with the dark hooded robes and the iconic Death Eater mask, that’s easy to see through as well as breathe out of. Though any sort of wand is entirely up to your grand designs.


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