Hanging Animated Scarecrow

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Surprise Surprise Yes, two surprises. One, because you never knew that the scarecrow was hiding in the dark. Two, because you thought scarecrows were only meant for scaring birds and other animals away from farmlands. Well, even though you might be correct in some sense, this is Halloween, and you will need all the “scare” that you can get, even if it is a hanging animated scarecrow. For the scarecrow, the name already describes the prop. IT SCARES PEOPLE. If you are thinking about sending chills down people s spines, this is the perfect prop for you. Of course, it would still scare the birds. Halloween Vibe The reason to buy the scarecrow is to freak one or two people out; it is, however, worthy to note that not only would the scarecrow do just that, it would also radiate that Halloween vibe that you are looking to have in your house. The perfect place to put your scarecrows is on your lawn or the front yard, as it would not make much sense to have them indoors. Even without being activated by motion or sound, and before it starts making sounds that can only be described as terrifying and creepy, the scarecrow already has an eerie vibe that adds to the environment. You can also store it after use for the next Halloween.


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