Halo Master Chief Child Half Mask

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Let Them Stick It To The Covenant Halo is one of the most popular games in the world. Children of all ages want to dress up as the Master Chief for fun days of make-believe, or cool evenings trick or treating on Halloween. Now you can let your kid have all the fun he wants playing out his Halo fantasies, without breaking your bank account, thanks to this officially licensed Halo Master Chief half mask. A Master Chief Half Mask That’s Easy to Wear This Master Chief Half mask is officially licensed, which gives it impeccable authenticity in look and feel. Yet it’s also very easy to wear. Kids can see through it easily and breathe clearly through it without feeling like they are sipping air through a straw. This is what you want in a half mask used for backyard play as well as fun Halloween nights crossing poorly lit streets.


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