Gus Deluxe Old Man Mask

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A Highly Detailed Old Man Mask Just like in the film industry, it’s easier to make someone look old than it is to make them look younger. Still, the last thing you want to do is waste hours on prosthetics and learning to properly apply special effects cosmetics, when you could just as easily don this “Gus” deluxe latex mask by Ghoulish Productions. It has all the facial details and general expressions of an old man, without forcing your hand with other outlandish colors or exaggerated features. An Old Man Mask With Maximum Breathability & Vision If you need to look like a kindly, or perhaps angry old man for your next cosplay event, haunted house, or costume party, then you need to give strong consideration to this Gus Deluxe latex mask. It’s comfortable to wear and was designed for maximum field of vision as well as breathability. The entire lower jaw is open to making the most room for your mouth. Not only does this make it very easy to breathe, but it ensures you won’t muffle your speech inside the mask.


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