Gray Howling Werewolf Mask

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A Gray & Black Werewolf Mask Rife With Realistic Fur Let’s face it, there are dozens and dozens of low-quality werewolf masks out there that look like little more than a plastic dog mask with perhaps a little fake squirrel tail fur stapled to it. This is absolutely not one of those masks!Ghoulish Productions are staffed with teams of master costume artists and mask makers who know how to produce hyper-realistic masks that are also comfortable to wear. This particular werewolf mask is made from costume-grade, non-toxic latex, and has real-looking fur made from synthetic fibers embedded into it. A Mask Depicting An Elder Werewolf The expert costume makers at Ghoulish Productions understand that characters can change in appearance with age. Not all werewolves are immortal beings who look the same year after year. The white fur at the temples and the chin also speak of a possibly older werewolf. The face has subtle lines as marks near the eyes. It’s a great option for cosplay, LARPing, and costume parties with a werewolf theme.


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