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Easy To Use & Install Glo Plugs Glo plugs are a staple for many magicians props. They are especially handy for adding accents to the end of a magic wand or the tip of a misdirection item. These glo plugs by Theatre Effects are discrete in size, which means they won’t show up when you want to keep them discrete. Yet they still produce enough lumens to show off when you want them too. These Theatre Effects glo plugs are also very easy to use and install. So, you won’t have the headaches and potential mid-trick failures that you get with some lesser market glow plugs. Inexpensive Glo Plugs For A Wide Range Of Props These glo plugs from Theatre Effects have a reputation for reliability. They are great for the end of a magic wand, inside a fake finger to thumb tip or really just about any prop that will benefit from a little special lighting effect. This makes them a great option for adding misdirection to just about any act, or simply punching up an existing prop’s flair. You can use them as a first time install or they can be used as a replacement glow tip for an existing prop. They have reputation for long-life after the first ignition.


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