Game of Thrones: Night King Mask

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Officially Licensed Game of Thrones Night King Mask! Created by the Children of the Forest to help aid them against the First Men, the White Walkers multiplied in numbers rapidly and became a threat to all life in Westeros. Become the first created White Walker and leader of the army of the dead with this beautifully detailed latex mask. This full overhead mask is hand painted to include blue eyes and icy skin and is made of natural latex. This mask is essential when portraying the Night King or as a collectable for die hard fans. “The true enemy won t wait out the storm. He brings the storm.” -Jon Snow- Official Game of Thrones Latex Mask 100% Natural Latex One Size Fits Most(Adults) Care Instructions: Hand wash with diluted mild soap by lightly dabbing. Gently dab with a clean wet rag to rinse clean.


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