Floating Spider

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Creepy Creature Who doesn t cringe at the thought of a spider on their face? Spiders are nature s way of telling us that creepiness is part of life. This prop is going to freak out any guest you have over. To make the prop a little bit spookier, it has posable legs that you can put in whatever position you desire, and its eyes glow. Yes! They glow. It s spooky enough to have a spider around; A giant spider at that. Now imagine the spider having glowing red eyes. That is a sight that would make your nightmare have a bad dream. This creepy creature would be hanging in your ceiling and when your victim comes in, drop the spider on them. Watch them scream their lungs out. Perfect Prop Oh! You re still hung on to the thought of a spider with eyes that glow on your face? Now imagine that the spider has an evil laugh. Anybody will go berserk. This is the best way to scare anyone and everyone. It can also serve as decor to make your room look uncomfortable. You can buy different spiders and place them in different places in your house, and depending on how scared you want your victims to be, activate as many of them as possible. Perfect right? This is also perfect for your Halloween party and horror-themed parties. Floating spiders are the perfect prop.


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