Flint Flasher Kit

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A Great Flint Flasher To Add Flair Without Pyrotechnic Risk There is no doubt that pyrotechnics take any trick or indeed any act to the next level. Not only do they add flair, but they can be a convenient way to invoke misdirection to keep the spectators looking left so they don’t notice what’s happening to the right. Of course, fire and burns are a constant risk with mid to large scale pyrotechnic props. The last thing you want is a burn on your hand, costume or the stage to stop your performance dead in its tracks. Here enters the humble, yet dramatic flint flasher sold by Theatre FX. It’s a heavy-duty mechanical device with a piece of flint and a striker wheel, that’s not unlike an overgrown sparker on a butane lighter. Except without the butane or an active burning flame.If you like, this flint flasher can also be used to ignite other props. It’s a great way to start flash cotton, flash string, flash cords or flash paper. Integrating A Flint Flasher Into Your Act While certainly one of the smallest scales of pyrotechnic effects, a simple flint flasher can be employed to add a spark of pizzaz or dramatic flair to just about any trick. They are especially handy for acts that require a big reveal at the end of a slight of hand gimmick.This particular flint flasher is small enough that you can take it just about anywhere and it wears comfortably on the hand.  This kit comes with the hand-held flint flasher, a small amount of flash cotton and a little bit of sparkle additive to experiment with dramatic flair.


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