Fleur de Lys Shield

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A Lily Flower Shield For A Knight The Fleur De Lys is a symbol most closely associated with the French. It has roots that go way back to the crusades, but was often donned on the coat of arms for many knights who were in the service of the French Crown. During the time of the crusades, such symbology was important for helping like-minded or men who served the same crown to find each other at ports of call throughout the Mediterranean and the Holy Land. Get Ready For The Renaissance Festival Seasonal renaissance festivals and medieval fairs offer a great opportunity to dress up as a knight, noble or warrior from the Middle Ages. While most of these fairs make you tie a peace knot on any of your weapons at the gate, defensive items like this colorful Fleur De Lys shield are typically fair game. It can easily be worn on your arm or strapped across your back to help bring your costume concepts to life. It can also be used for some light LARPing, should the moment arise.


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