Flash Cotton, 4 Grams

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High Quality Flash Cotton For An Instant Pyrotechnic Reaction Flash cotton is incredibly fibrous, and it’s strands are deeply impregnated with highly flammable Nitrocellulose. Sometimes referred to as “Gun Cotton” flash cottons fibrous nature allows for an instantaneous and vigorous reaction when introduced to even a minor ignition source. This flash cotton is so easily light that even a flint flasher can usually start it. With practice you can spare yourself the expense and the risk of using a more pronounced igniter. This could also mean using flash cotton in multiple tricks throughout an act without the awkwardness of managing a flash gun. A 4 gram Package Of Flash Cotton On paper 4 grams of flash cotton might not sound like a lot. Though when you get your hands on it, you will likely find that there is more than enough to add flair to multiple pyrotechnic performances. Its also important to note that the flammability and safety risks of shipping as well as handling flash cotton means that you need to be at least 18 years of age to purchase it. Most states also prohibit people under 18 years old from using it due to safety and liability concerns. So, make sure to double check your local ordinances before purchasing this flash cotton pack for an aspiring young magician.


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