Double Cross

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The Classic Double Cross Trick For Beginners & Worker Magicians Alike Double Cross is a classic trick adopted and adapted by many a magician and mentalist over the years. The trick calls for you the performer to draw a noticeable X on your hand with a permanent marker. You then close your hand and somehow the “”X”” vanishes. You then ask your participant to open their hand to reveal, astonishingly that the X is now on their hand. Its exactly the sort of trick that can elevate a novice performers bag of tricks, without putting your performance budget in the red. A Comprehensive Kit With Everything You Need To Perform The Double Cross Trick This double cross kit from Murphy’s has everything you need to practice and perform this classic trick to perfection. It includes the gimmicked marker, and a special link to a comprehensive on line tutorial. There are also several accessories (sold separately) that you can weave into the act to help it creatively match your performance style. As your double cross skills improve you can make different twists to keep the double cross trick fresh in your act.  


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