Deluxe Classic Toga Adult Costume

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A Toga For The Ladies In ancient Greece and other parts of the Mediterranean sea the Toga was scene as a classic garment worn by men and women alike. Though they fell out of favor with women in the second century of Roman culture. Since then they have primarily been the sort of thing you saw at a frat party wrapped around a bunch of guys guzzling down beer by the gallon. Fortunately, someone realized that a toga can have a fair amount of style, and redesigned it with a little grace for the ladies. Perfect for costume parties and cosplay events with an ancient Greek or early Roman theme. A Ladies Toga With Grace One of the great things about this Deluxe Toga is that it was styled to fit comfortable on a feminine figure. It includes a draped tunic and belt that you can cinch for custom comfort. It is made from high-quality polyester which is comfortable on the skin and moves with you in a way that is the embodiment of the word “Sexy.” You can get this Deluxe Toga in just about any size ranging from women’s extra-small to extra-large to fit just about any feminine figure.




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