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Barnstorming & Beyond It didn’t take long for the Wright Brother’s invention to take flight around the world as an amazing new means of conveyance. Before there was an FAA or other regulatory organizations, people were putting on basic Aviator helmets like this one and taking to the skies in biplanes and other early plane creations. If you’ve ever dreamed of portraying one of these barnstorming characters, then this Deluxe Aviator Helmet is going to be a dream come true. Crossing The Atlantic & More Charles Lindberg might have started life in a small town in Central Minnesota, but he went on to become one of the biggest historical figures of his era. His accomplishments in aviation were many, though he is best known for being the first person to fly across the Atlantic Ocean from New York to Paris. At the same time, this unisex, one-size-fits-most Deluxe Aviator Helmet could be just as appropriate for someone trying to portray Amelia Earhart.


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