Decay Zombie Face Mask

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A Decaying Undead Face Mask With Amazing Detail The detail on this “Decay” mask is truly astonishing. This is thanks in large part to the high-quality costume-grade latex used to produce it as well as the careful hands of the mask designer. The hyper-real texture is astonishing and looks unmistakably undead. Yet it isn’t so overdone as to look cartoonish. It truly looks like a real human face that has continued to decompose as it wanders the animate through the savage world. A Real-Looking Zombie Mask You Can Actually See Out Of A lot of undead & zombie masks block so much of your range of vision with the artificial eyes that it’s a downright safety hazard to do something as simple as cross the road or hit the dance floor at a costume party. You don’t have to worry about any of that with this Decay undead mask. The eye ports are open and give you nearly full peripheral range. If you choose, you can then wear special contact lenses to alter the appearance of your natural eyes, without hampering your field of vision.


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