Dashing Ringmaster (STD)

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Make P.T. Barnum Proud P.T. Barnum is the showman and entrepreneur who made circus performers and ringmasters the popular well-known figures that they are today. Every year droves of people show up and show out as a lion tamer or a dashing ringmaster like you see here in this high-end costume. Every square inch of it speaks to the kind of courage it takes to put your head in a lion’s mouth. It’s available in standard adult size for one-size-fits-most comfort. A Truly Complete Ringmaster’s Costume This Dashing Ringmaster’s costume is made from 100% polyester red jacket with an attached button-up shirt. The trim on the jacket is black has a white shirt sleeve peeking through the long split coattail for dramatic effect. This Dashing Ringmaster costume is truly complete in that includes black pants as well as a black waist sash. You’ll be asking lions to open up and say Aww in no time.


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