Crows Feet #1 Foam Latex Prosthetic

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Smile (Lines) For The Camera Besides the sands of time, nothing builds character like a good prosthetic! This set of Crows Feet #1 Foam Latex Prosthetics fit around the outer corner of the eyes to create realistic aging effects for characters of any gender. Rubber Wear foam latex prosthetics are carefully sculpted to provide lifelike, seamless effects that look, feel, and move like real skin. These high quality pieces are preferred by industry professionals and user-friendly enough for students and beginners! Sold as a pair.  Apply Prosthetics Like The Pros For the best possible results with your Crows Feet #1 Foam Latex Prosthetic, apply skin safe adhesive to the piece up to the edges but NOT on the edge itself, and let the piece dry completely. Using a cotton swab or makeup sponge, apply adhesive to the skin, making sure the adhesive covers a larger surface area than the prosthetic will. Let dry. Press and secure the CENTER of the prosthetic down first, laying the sides flat slowly and carefully as you go. Press edges firmly into the adhesive. If you like, you can dip a cotton swab in witch hazel and slowly roll the tip against the edges of the prosthetic. This will further blend it into the skin and dissolve the edges until it’s completely seamless. Using a sponge, stipple more adhesive or liquid latex over the edges of the prosthetic. Let dry completely, then mist the entire area with sealing spray and paint with the makeup of your choice.


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