Crow Skull Staff

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A Crow Skull Staff In Freakish Detail The right prop makes all the difference in completing the ultimate costume. Especially in a cosplay or LARPing event where you want to impress in an often crowded field. If you are looking to complete a costume for a voodoo witch doctor, shaman, or twisted druid, then you need to give this Crow Skull Staff a good hard look. Not only is it functional as a walking stick, but it was designed with freakish detail. The skull on the top of the staff looks like it is truly crafted from bird bone material. The staff itself appears to be wrapped in strips of rag or perhaps even sun-bleached leather. A Sturdy Crow Staff To Complete Your Shaman Or Witch Doctor Costume Visually this is the perfect walking stick or quarter staff to complete a witch doctor, shaman of similar costume concept. It was designed to be sturdy enough to offer a modest amount of support when walking, which could come in handy at a long cosplay event or a tradeshow. While it is sturdy enough for a LARPing event, you should reserve it for gentle use rather than simulating combat.


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