Crow Bird Helmet

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A Giant Bird Skull Helmet For A Primitive Cosplay Costume Ancient man was known for wearing helmets made from animal skulls and pelts that they either found or slain on their own. They were especially popular with the village shaman or accomplished Chiefs who were also proud hunters. This particular helmet/prop from Ghoulish Productions is made from high-quality latex, which gives it hyper-real detail. It was designed to look like a terror bird or dire ostrich skull. There’s even a backer to make sure it looks like a headdress instead of a hat. A Giant Bird Skull Headress Made From Molded Latex Molded latex is an incredibly versatile material used in a wide array of costumes, prosthetics, masks, and headdresses like this Crow Bird Helmet from Ghoulish Productions. It has a hyper-realistic surface texture that replicates the look of once-living bone and sinuous flesh that’s been tanned to bind.


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