CREEPYPASTA: Slenderman Latex Mask

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A CreepyPasta Slenderman Mask Made From Comfortable Latex The Slenderman is an iconic character in the CreepyPasta series featured alongside characters like Killer J. Though Slenderman also appears in other stories, series and memes throughout the horror genre. So, if you are a fan of CreepyPasta or you just feel like the Slenderman needs to stalk your next costume party, then this high-quality latex mask from Ghoulish Productions is perfect. Not only does it have astonishing detail for what could be an oversimplified look, but also has impressive surface texture. A Latex Slenderman Mask With Great Field Of Vision A lot of whole head masks impede your peripheral vision. As an industry leader in costume props, prosthetics and mask making Ghoulish Productions know that a good field of vision makes all the difference between a cosplay mask that you love to wear and one that is a joy to take off at the end of a night. If you love to depict the Slenderman, but you don’t want to spend the night bumping into people, spilling drinks and accidentally tackling display props, then you need to put this high-quality latex mask in your cart!


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