Creepy Face Nothing Ghost Mask

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A Haunting Ghost Mask With Vivid Texture The costume experts at Ghoulish Productions have decades of experience molding high-quality latex into comfortable masks that are comfortable and richly detailed. This can be a challenge for a black and white mask like this creepy face mask. Thankfully the type of costume-grade latex that is a mainstay of Ghoulish productions line also allows for a stunning texture and the kind of subtle detail that adds to the overall look of the mask, without taking away from its haunting presence. A Creepy Face Mask That Lends Itself To Many Costume Themes This Creepy Face Mask made by Ghoulish Productions speaks directly to a specific genre, but it certainly is versatile enough to be replayed into a wide range of costume themes. He eye and mouth hols are large enough to let you also play with cosmetics and prosthetics to produce a custom look every time. The facial holes are also large enough to make it easy to see and breathe.


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